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| Invited Talk

Title Presenter
Secure Implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Rei Ueno (Tohoku University)
CryptAttackTester: formalizing attack analyses
Dr. Tung Chou (Academia Sinica)
Hash Based Signatures and Ascon-Sign
Dr. Anubhab Baksi (Nanyang Technological University)

| Session 1

Title Presenter Abstract File
Enhancing the Related-Key Security of PIPO through New Key Schedules
Seungjun Baek, Giyoon Kim, Yongjin Jeon and Jongsung Kim
Optimized Quantum Implementation of SEED
Yujin Oh, Kyoungbae Jang, Yu-Jin Yang and Hwajeong Seo
Depth-Optimized Quantum Implementation of ARIA
Yu-Jin Yang, Kyung-bae Jang, Yu-jin Oh and Hwa-Jeong Seo
Finding Shortest Vector using Quantum NV Sieve on Grover
Hyunji Kim, Kyoungbae Jang, Yujin Oh, Woojin Seok, Wonhuck Lee, Kwangil Bae, Ilkwon Sohn and Hwajeong Seo

| Session 2

Title Presenter Abstract File
Extended Attacks on ECDSA with Noisy Multiple Bit Nonce Leakages
Shunsuke Osaki and Noboru Kunihiro
Single Trace Analysis of Comparison Operation based Constant-Time CDT Sampling and Its Countermeasure
Keonhee Choi, Ju-Hwan Kim, Jaeseung Han, Jae-Won Huh and Dong-Guk Han
A Lattice Attack on CRYSTALS-Kyber with Correlation Power Analysis
Yen-Ting Kuo and Atsushi Takayasu

| Session 3

Title Presenter Abstract File
A Comparative Analysis of Rust-Based SGX Frameworks: Implications for building SGX applications
Heekyung Shin, Jiwon Ock, Hyeon No and Seongmin Kim
BTFuzzer: a profile-based fuzzing framework for Bluetooth protocols
Min Jang, Yuna Hwang, Yonghwi Kwon and Hyoungshick Kim
mdTLS: How to make middlebox-aware TLS more efficient?
Taehyun Ahn, Jiwon Kwak and Seungjoo Kim

| Session 4

Title Presenter Abstract File
PHI: Pseudo-HAL Identification for Scalable Firmware Fuzzing
Seyeon Jeong, Eunbi Hwang, Yeongpil Cho and Taekyoung Kwon
Lightweight Anomaly Detection Mechanism based on Machine Learning Using Low-Cost Surveillance Cameras
Yeon-Ji Lee, Na-Eun Park and Il-Gu Lee
Side-Channel Analysis on Lattice-Based KEM using Multi-feature Recognition - The Case Study of Kyber
Yuan Ma, Xinyue Yang, An Wang, Congming Wei, Tianyu Chen and Haotong Xu

| Session 5

Title Presenter Abstract File
Enhancing Prediction Entropy Estimation of RNG for On-the-Fly Test
Yuan Ma, Weisong Gu, Tianyu Chen, Na Lv, Dongchi Han and Shijie Jia
Leakage-Resilient Attribute-based Encryption with Attribute-hiding
Yijian Zhang, Yunhao Ling, Jie Chen and Luping Wang
Constant-Deposit Multiparty Lotteries on Bitcoin for Arbitrary Number of Players and Winners
Shun Uchizono, Takeshi Nakai, Yohei Watanabe and Mitsugu Iwamoto
Single-Shuffle Card-Based Protocols with Six Cards per Gate
Tomoki Ono, Kazumasa Shinagawa, Takeshi Nakai, Yohei Watanabe and Mitsugu Iwamoto

| Session 6

Title Presenter Abstract File
1-out-of-n Oblivious Signatures: Security Revisited and a Generic Construction with an Efficient Communication Cost
Masayuki Tezuka and Keisuke Tanaka
Compact Identity-based Signature and Puncturable Signature from SQISign
Surbhi Shaw and Ratna Dutta
High Weight Code-based Signature Scheme from QC-LDPC Codes
Chik How Tan and Theo Fanuela Prabowo

| Session 7

Title Presenter Abstract File
Efficient Result-Hiding Searchable Encryption with Forward and Backward Privacy
Takumi Amada, Mitsugu Iwamoto and Yohei Watanabe
Finsler Encryption
Tetsuya Nagano and Hiroaki Anada
Experiments and Resource Analysis of Shor's Factorization Using a Quantum Simulator
Junpei Yamaguchi, Masafumi Yamazaki, Akihiro Tabuchi, Takumi Honda, Noboru Kunihiro and Tetsuya Izu
Quantum Circuits for High-Degree and Half Multiplication For Post-Quantum Analysis
Rini Wisnu Wardhani, Dedy Septono Catur Putranto and Howon Kim

| Session 8

Title Presenter Abstract File
Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of FALCON and SOLMAE using their Python Implementation
Kwangjo Kim
Security Evaluation on KpqC Round 1 Lattice-based Algorithms Using Lattice Estimator
Suhri Kim, Eunmin Lee, Joohee Lee, Minju Lee and Hyun A Noh
On the security of REDOG
Tanja Lange, Alex Pellegrini and Alberto Ravagnani

| Session 9

Title Presenter Abstract File
Distinguisher and Related-Key Attack on HALFLOOP-96
Jinpeng Liu and Ling Sun
Not optimal but efficient: a distinguisher based on the Kruskal-Wallis test
Yan Yan, Elisabeth Oswald and Arnab Roy
Feasibility Analysis and Performance Optimization of the Conflict Test Algorithms for Searching Eviction Sets
Zhenzhen Li, Xue Zihan and Wei Song
Revisiting Key Switching Techniques with Applications to Light-Key FHE
Ruida Wang, Zhihao Li, Benqiang Wei, Chunling Chen, Xianhui Lu and Kunpeng Wang