Venue  -  New Millennium Hall, Konkuk university, Korea

  1. Administraion Building
     (University Foundation)
  2. Veterinary Medicine Building
     (Veterinary Hospital)
  3. Ilgam Gate
  4. Industry-University
     Cooperation Building
  5. Sanghuh Gate
  6. Konkuk University Station
      (Subway Line 2)
  7. Konkuk University Hospital
  8. Biomedical Science Building
  9. Life Science Building Annex
 10. Sanghuh Memorial Library
 11. Animal Science Building
 12. Life Science Building A
 13. Law School Building
 14. University Museum
  15. Konkuk Language Institute
16. Art & Design Building
17. Education Science Building
18. Greenhouse
19. Children's Grand Park Station
    (Subway Line 7)
20. Sanghuh Hall
21. Business Administration Building
22. Konkuk Gate
23. KU Stadium
24. New Millennium Hall
25. Dormitory (Iluhun)
26. Gymnasium
27. Architecture Building
28. Liberal Art Building
  29. Engineering Building
    (Heavy Equipment Annex)
30. Gyeongwondang Hall of
    Dojeonggung House
31. Flexible Display Roll-to-Roll
32. Science Building
33. Engineering Building
34. Student Union Building A
35. Student Union Building B
    (Outdoor Theater)
36. Founder's Tomb
37. International House
    (Office of Glocal Cooperation)
38. Dormitory
    (KU:L House Lake Hall)
39. Dormitory (KU:L House Dream
    Hall, Frontier Hall, Vision Hall)
40. Konkuk University High School
41. Gym
    (KU Middle and High Schools)
42. Konkuk University Middle
  43. Lake (Ilgamho)
44. Konkuk Alumni Hall
45. Dormitory
    (KU:L House Global Hall)
46. Star City Mall
47. Airport Limousine Bus Stop
    (Arrival area at Konkuk)
48. Airport Limousine Bus Stop
    (Departure for Incheon
    Int'l Airport)
49. Lotte Department Store
50. Children's Grand Park
51. Future Alternative Energy
    Building(Konkuk University
    Fraunhofer ISE Next
    Generation Solar Cell
    Research Center[KFnSC])
52. Star City Young Zone
53. Admissions & Information
    Technology Building
54. Liberal Art Faculty Building


Konkuk University's main campus is located in the south-eastern part of Seoul near the Han River. The university is easily accessible from downtown Seoul.

From Incheon International Airport

1. Airport Limousine

   The best way to reach Konkuk University from Incheon International Airport is by airport limousine bus. Information regarding buses and limousines can be found at the passenger terminal. Look for Bus #6013. The first bus departs at 06:20 a.m. and the last bus at 22:40 p.m. You can buy a ticket at a booth right outside the airport arrival gate. It will cost you ₩10,000; you must pay in cash. The bus is available every 40 minutes.
   The ride is about 90 minutes long, depending on the traffic. Get off at the bus stop named "Konkuk University (Konkuk Dae Hak Gyo in Korean)." (See photo below.) You can easily see the campus from there.

2. Taxis

   If you decide to take a regular taxi, it will cost you about ₩70,000 from the airport. Avoid a black taxi (deluxe taxi) as it costs more than a regular one. It may be a good idea to bring a copy of the Konkuk University Seoul campus map, show it to the driver and say, "Konkuk Dae Hak Gyo Ga-Ju She-Yo" in Korean. You are advised to pay close attention to the fare meter, though.

3. Subway

   You can also reach Konkuk University by subway from the airport. There is a new subway line from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station. For more information, please visit From Seoul Station, you can come to Konkuk University Station. (Exit 2, Subway Line 2.)

From Somewhere in Seoul

1. Subway

   Please use Subway Line 2 (Green) and get off at Konkuk University Station (Kondae Ip Gu Yuck). Go out Exit 2, cross the first intersection straight until you see Konkuk University Hospital (Konkuk Dae Byungwon) on the left side. From there, you cannot miss the campus.

   You can also use Subway Line 7 (Dark Green) and get off at Children's Grand Park Station (Uhrini Dae Gong Won Yuck). Go out Exit 3, walk straight until you see a Konkuk University sign. From there, you cannot miss the Konkuk Gate.

2. Taxis

   Anywhere in Seoul, you can take a taxi to reach Konkuk. Show the driver the university campus map and say "Konkuk Dae Hak Gyo Ga-Ju She-Yo (Please go to Konkuk University.)." You can use regular taxis, deluxe taxis, call taxis or international taxis.

3. Buses

   Some buses stop near the Konkuk campus, and a rough list of their numbers is as follows. See if you can catch any of them in your neighborhood. Please note that their color varies.

102 146 240 302 721 4212
2222 2224 3216 3217 3220 6013

(Nov 28~Nov 30, 2012) New MillenniNew Millennium Hall, Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea

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